20 Dec 2013 19:06:58
well thank you ch for saying publicly that having 2 games in 3 days isn't ideal as " you don't have time to know where you went wrong in the 1st game" yes its a word for word quote from him via a tv interview! if that's his attitude don't travel to the stadium of light you bleeeeeeeeeeep
also ty seb bassong, for saying Norwich is a small city! ANOTHER gaffe coming out of carrow road. Norwich is the 5th biggest city in the uk, we have 2 cathedrals, the largest outdoor permanent market in Europe etc etc! so I suggest you get your head out of your ahem derriere! and if the representatives of ncfc are going to come out with a load of old squit, I suggest they keep mum instead. re the transfer kitty I think we spent in total around £13 milllions in total, after sales as well. don't forget rvw had been bought before the summer, so £20 mills is about right, regardless of if its spent as the summer kitty was reputed to have been 30 mills. anyway! good luck lads for tomorrow, another potential banana skin match, but winnable, so please remember that, and explore sunderlands half please! oh and bah humbug, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all us long suffering fans!

1.) 22 Dec 2013
If you think Norwich is a BIG city, you should get out of your armchair and visit some of Britains big cities. London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle. Google that.

2.) 24 Dec 2013
What the hell are you lot arguing how big the city is FFS? What's that got to do with football, just listen to yourselves!

3.) 24 Dec 2013
What! As a Norwich-lad born and bred, I know only too well that it is a large town /small city in terms of its size. Wiki ranks it as the 38th largest urban area in the UK by size of population.