28 Jun 2016 23:15:03
Strong rumours linking west brom striker victor anichebe in a cut price 1.5 million deal

1.) 09 Jul 2016
09 Jul 2016 17:51:56
Plausible if McCormack is 12m and this guy is 1.5m then he's possibly a bargain. He is also a big unit suited to Champ but injury prone. But here's the thing Anichebe hasn't ever cut it in the prem. McCormack however might plus he's a prodigious goal scorer in champ footy and time is running out for him. If he isn't hungry now he never will be. Anichebe is ok as a third or fourth striker but he's no better than CJ. If we sign him it will not be a disaster but it will be a clear sign that we lack ambition.