10 Feb 2016 11:43:56
Is it time for Alex Neil to stand down? !!!!!!!!!!!

1.) 07 May 2016
07 May 2016 13:35:54
Neil's man management skills are first rate his tactic nous less so.
He is still flummoxed by how to attack in this league and it is rare that you will ever see opposition defenders running back towards their goal because they are out of position.
Pass completion and shots make for a good squawka rating but they don't win games. The ball has to go into the goal for that.
Fast transitions running off the ball and playing the chuffing through ball will. Sadly this is not something Neil does. He has pace all over the field and players with passing skills so sadly the manager must take responsibility for our lack of goals.
He was surprised by the amount of counter attacking in this league. I am surprised that he has not done anything with this observation. Is he still arguing with reality? No goals in 9 starts is poor. Really poor. How many times has Redmond had the chance to get behind the full backs only to stop and play the square ball. Why does the manager have him do that ? Why aren't players running into the box when we break? That is all down to the manager. He is responsible for our lack of goals as much as the players are.