12 Jan 2019 11:37:48
Hello any Eds. Would you have any info on any January ins and outs please.

{Ed002's Note - You can consider Ivo Pinto gone. William Remy should arrive If a replacement can be found then Nelson Oliveira might also leave. How good is Anthony Spyrou? Is Carlton Morris up to it?}

1.) 12 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019 13:13:44
Thanks Ed. Spyrou has potential but a thumbs down on Morris, Cantwell is stepping up and filling a position and doing OK. Love to see him making it his own as he's a local Lad. Can't see us staying in the top 2 after the next few games against top 8 teams but fingers crossed we will stay in the top 4.

{Ed002's Note - Well good luck.}