05 Jun 2015 11:11:34
Alex Niel considering Turner +3mil for Fulham's Ross McCormack. From a very reliable source.

1.) 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 14:20:59
would be a good swap, can't say I rate Turner anymore to be honest. Having said that I don't really see a place for McCormack in our squad, we already have 2 successful championship goalscorers in the forms of Jerome and Grabs.

2.) 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 15:43:02
Heard this aswell, would have thought more than 3 mil though considering they paid 11 mil at start of last season, and he has scored 19 goals so his price will still be high ( too high )

3.) 06 Jun 2015
06 Jun 2015 00:07:25
Fulham fans have said they don't believe that they paid nearly 11mil for Ross McCormack. It was just for Leeds to tell their fans to try and keep them happy.

4.) 06 Jun 2015
06 Jun 2015 01:10:18
I suppose Kit Symons is trying to reduce the wage bill and bring his own players in. McCormack was one of Magath's signings and he might not fit into the style of football Symons wants.